Cocomo Now Out on Labs

Just a quick note in case you've missed it, Cocomo is now up on Adobe Labs. Give it a spin.

Speaking At The European eLearning Summit

Finally a conference on my doorstep! Tomorrow afternoon I will be hosting a session on 'Collaboration with Flash Media Server' at the European eLearning Summit in Nottingham. I am hoping to show lots of examples and allow the audience to join in - may the WIFI be with us.

Later this year (but not much later actually...) I will present a similar session at Flash on the Beach, the main difference being that the session in Brighton will have a bit more of a focus on code as well as a some inspirational pieces.
If you attend either one of the conference then please find me and say hi.

At b.TWEEN08 in Manchester

I've just arrived at b.TWEEN08 in Manchester.

The official line about the event is as follows: b.TWEEN is a unique cross media gathering where interactive ideas are seeded, shared and sold.
(It uses technology in innovative ways and radical formats to deliver cutting edge, interactive events with networking and business at their core.
b.TWEEN is about knowledge sharing, being inspired, learning from peers and doing deals.

My company muchosmedia has built the text chat that runs alongside the live webcast (all the streaming is being handled by our friends at Kinura). What's unique about the chat is that we've come up with and built a gateway to allow the audience to take part in the chat (which is projected onto a big screen at the venue) via sending an SMS text message to a dedicated number. I'll post some images as soon as I can.

New Version of Adobe Connect Announced

The next version of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro (I still haven;t figured out why they had to name it Acrobat) has been announced and will be available towards the end of the month. The full press release is here.

As you may know, Connect is built on top of FMS and leverages most of its features. Presenters can also run a special version of the Flash Player which features screen sharing capabilities, amongst other things.

Try BRIO, the Next Generation of Adobe Connect

Adobe have launched the public beta of BRIO, the codename for their next version of Adobe Connect, formerly Breeze. All you FMS heads out there know that Breeze and Connect owe a lot to FMS, upon which it is based.
In BRIO it appears that the Adobe engineers have rebuilt the UI in Flex and so far it looks quite promising. I encountered a few bugs such as my iSight not getting detected and the screensharing addin throwing an error upon first install but these problems are to be expected with an early beta.
You can sign up for the beta here or also try jumping onto the Cocomo (I told you I'd stop camelcasing it) prerelease via this page.

Let's play (with) Cocomo

I've given up on the camel casing (CoCoMo - for the last time) by now but if you are (like myself) still interested in giving one of Adobe's upcoming technologies a spin then look no further than the private beta application here.
And if you thought that this was good news then brace yourself for more...

Presentation on CoCoMo and the next version of Adobe Connect

Here is a really interesting demo by Nigel Pegg covering the next version of Adobe Connect which features a totally overhauled UI built in Flex. Nigel is also showing the upcoming CoCoMo service which allows developers to leverage the Connect backend using a set of Flex component that will enable developers to built custom collaboration applications - in many ways similar to FMS applications.
I won't be starting a rant here and I've mentioned previously that CoCoMo is both exciting and scary at the same time. Combined with the features outlined for Pacifica it seems that pretty much everything that FMS provides right now in terms of capabilities (apart from the video delivery features) will also be provided by either CoCoMo or Pacifica. I have yet to make up my mind whether this a good thing or not.
I've just returned from MAX and I have some more info on Pacifica and CoCoMo shortly, alongside details of Adobe's upcoming DRM solution for Flash video. Stay tuned.

Pacifica and CoCoMo - A Good Thing for FMS Developers?

We all know that Adobe is pushing put new products and services at an insane rate these days. Apart from announcing Share at MAX in Chicago there were two other products which caught my attention and which are very exciting and a bit scary at the same time: Pacifica and CoCoMo.
Let me summarize what I know so far about these two products/services and then tell you why I think some of it is a little scary.

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My Sync Swf app won best in category!

It's not the first time I've won something I must admit - about 20 years ago I remember winning a coffee mug that had two legs to stand on... I had to send a postcard then, no email for me back then. Unfortunately the mug broke a few months later.
Fast forward to 2006 and here I am, proud winner of the Icebreaker/Gaming apps category of the Adobe Connect (formerly Breeze) Sync Swf contest with my entry of Just Letters.
What can I see - this is brilliant. But I won't rub it in... however I am now considerably richer than yow ;-)

Just Letters - Adobe Connect (formerly Breeze) Edition

An interactive, multi-user game in which all connected participants drag and drop refrigerator magnets on a virtual surface to spell words and phrases. A very engaging game which enjoys its popularity through its collaborative aspect.

This game runs inside a shared Pod using the Sync Swf SDK. It has won first price in the Icebreaker Category of Adobe's Sync Swf Contest.


A live version of the game (running in Breeze) can be seen here.

This game is available for purchase for USD $99 as a compiled swf under a single domain license which means you may upload and run this game on all Adobe Connect (formerly Breeze) servers under a specific domain, including subdomains. There is no limit to the number of user accounts under which this game can be used as long as they reside under one domain (such as

Also available: source code version $599 USD. Email me with any questions or to express your interest.

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