Very briefly: why is everyone these days talking about 'apps' when they are actually referring to websites, games, products, services and real businesses? Maybe it's just me, but the term app seems to be terribly overused and de-values the task at hand.

Is 'app' the small brother of a 'real' application or piece of software? How many apps do you know that are both app and business rolled into one? I can't think of many since most of the time we're all building much more than an app. Would it make sense to not distill our work down to less than what it actually is just because it sounds fashionable?

Nowadays an app increasingly defines a small piece of software that one may use once or twice and then never goes back to again. I also expect an app to be very affordable (read: cheap or even free) and of relatively low value.

I think it's time to go beyond apps and call the things we build by their real name. Unless all you are building really is nothing more than an app...