I'm happy to announce that I will be speaking at Flash on the Beach this year, and for a change my session will not be directly about Flash but about my experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the last few months. During my work on Scribblar.com I have learned to love AWS and think that many of my fellow developers would find it very interesting and useful.

The plan is to give attendees an overview of AWS and then take a closer look at its main products such as EC2 and S3. I'd like to cover things such as setting up a static site directly in S3, and go into some more detail about EC2's capabilities when it comes to building highly available and scalable websites. If time allows I will also cover options for running your database on AWS. No previous knowledge about AWS is needed.

I'm very excited to be back at FOTB again this year having previously been there once as a pseaker and twice as an attendee. I hope to see you in Brighton in September.