Well, there seems to be more to the WebRTC project than first meets the eye. First I thought of WebRTC to be a pure browser play but I'm not so sure now.
A little bit of research seems to suggest that the original WebRTC effort was kicked off at http://rtc-web.alvestrand.com before going to IETF and W3C (and WHATWG). There was an initial workshop in October 2010 to kick the project off, and what's more (and in the true spirit of openness) the agenda, participants and even presentation slides are available. The presentations in particular give an insight into the direction that this project is heading for, and it is clear that browser to browser communications are just one piece to the puzzle.

So if it's not just browser to browser then... well you guessed it, app to browser and app to VoiP systems interoperability is on the cards. An which app comes to mind before all others? Tip: check the participants list again. Yes, it's Skype of course. I also noticed a familiar name in the participants list - Matthew Kaufman, previously an Adobe engineer and co-inventor of RTMFP and now working for Skype. Oh yeah, nobody from Adobe was present at the workshop...

So basically there is hope for those of us who have briefly installed Skype 5 on OSX, as soon we will be able to connect (and integrate) Skype-like functionality to our own apps, call Skype users from a web page, conference in a phone user, and whatever else you can think of. Best of all it can be done without a Skype UI :-)

If you have any doubts about my assertions just have a quick look at this page with job postings from Skype.

How about becoming a Senior Software Engineer responsible for Skype's Core Library Porting? Porting to what? Not just Windows Phone 7 I believe, but browsers too. And I actually start to think that after all this I could imagine Skype actually starting to make some money. Skype will be everywhere, and the entire web will be compatible with it.
And that's just the Skype part to it all. On top of that WebRTC will enable all the other types of RTC based web applications that we have been building for years, but this next generation will have a much wider reach. Great news for developers, but other RTC platforms need to take note here or they could be left behind.