Oh what a mess. I had hoped this would not happen but here we are: Apparently Adobe filed a lawsuit against Wowza Media Systems last week alleging "patent infringement and unfair competition complaints regarding Wowza's business practices".

I do not have any specific details on the lawsuit and am merely reporting to the press release I received via email from Wowza. In it Wowza's David Stubenvoll states:
"Adobe's lawsuit against our company is completely without merit, and we look forward to resolving this matter in court. Wowza's position is that it does not infringe on Adobe patents and that we have engaged only in skillful and fair competition with Adobe. For the implementation in question, we disclosed our activities to Adobe more than five years ago and continued to be open and up front with Adobe regarding our activities. It is only after five years of Wowza growth, independent technology innovation, and market leadership that Adobe unexpectedly filed this unfounded and spurious lawsuit.

Wowza has always had a policy of timely, accurate communications with all current and prospective licensees, and so we have made the decision to communicate this matter swiftly. This action is not anticipated to interrupt our current product offering or future product plans. We will continue to innovate and provide the market with the best technology at reasonable prices while we respond in court to these unfounded allegations. We remain confident in our intellectual property position and welcome the opportunity to settle this matter definitively."

Let's see how this pans out, but in the end there will be no winners. In most people's eyes Wowza have developed a top notch product and provided great support to developers, offering a lower priced and feature rich alternative to Flash Media Server.
Honestly I feared something like this may be on the horizon, but I would have out bets on an acquisition of Wowza by Adobe instead - guess that option is out of the window now. Lisa seems to agree with me.

Anyone know where I can find the details of the lawsuit?