Over the years I've had many encounters with PayPal. I use their service to process payments from my products and services, especially for international customers. PayPal is well known for its dubious business practices, seemingly freezing accounts at random without notice, leaving small businesses stranded and their money held hostage.

This morning the company may have overstepped the line when they froze the account of Regretsy, a site which was running a massive Christmas gift exchange program for children in their community.
What did PayPal do? They decided to shut their entire operation down and insisted that buyers are refunded, stating that it was ok to raise money for cats but not for children. It beggars belief.

Please check out the conversation the Regretsy site owner Helen Killer had with a PayPal employee. Then ask yourself: is PayPal a company you want to do business with in the future? I know I will reconsider, and have already started to offer Google Checkout and Amazon Payments to my customers.

In the meantime PayPal seemed to have been busy deleting comments on its Facebook wall - with limited results. Check out the comments on the latest posts made by Paypal: hundreds of angry customers venting their views.

PayPal: shame on you!