Want to know more about HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming) support in Flash Media Server 4.5? Look no further as this upcoming online event on December 13th will cater for you.

HDS Best Practices for FMS 4.5 with Sarge

Date and Time: December 13, 2011 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (GMT-7 Mountain Time US & Canada)

Address: http://realeyes.adobeconnect.com/fmsug

Call-in Details: VOIP Provided through Adobe Connect


Sarge is an Application Engineer on Adobe's Video Solutions team. Formerly a FMS Technical Account Manager working with the top tier CDNs, Sarge has years of experience developing, deploying, and supporting Flash video solutions on FMS.


Adobe introduced HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) a few years ago as a way to deliver immersive on-demand and live video experiences over standard HTTP connections. This technology has been deployed at CDNs such as Akamai, Limelight, and Level 3, and used by broadcasters like BBC (Wimbledon 2011) and AEG Digital Media (2010 MTV Teen Choice Awards). Adobe updated HDS in Flash Media Server 4.5 adding new features and enhanced security. Come learn the recommended best practices for deploying HDS with FMS 4.5 from Sarge, Application Engineer for Adobe Video Solutions.

Encode high quality video mezzanine MP4 files and deliver them in real-time simultaneously through RTMP and HDS. Configure HDS settings to optimize HTTP caching. Sarge walks you through the changes to HDS in FMS 4.5, including:

Just in Time packaging (JITP)
Set-level Manifests
Configuration updates

Attend the event at http://realeyes.adobeconnect.com/fmsug on December 13th.