I've decided to start posting some of my Twitter favourites and hope to do this semi regularly. Sure, one can always head to my public Twitter profile and see the entire list there but who would seriously do that on a regular basis?
So consider this the first edition of what are generally interesting links, at least in my opinion. What usually happens is that I favourite tweets on my phone (using TweetDeck for Android) to later read them on my desktop (using TweetDeck for desktop).

PS: Anyone know of a simple widget to semi-automate pulling in the actual tweets?

Bob Wohl (@bwohl)
Some very awesome art work (via @brandon_ellis)

Rob Christensen (@robchristensen) Interesting perspective: "Why I'm Moving From HTML5 To Flash by @tametick: http://bit.ly/hQkkEi

Simon Whatley (@whatterz)
Killing sign up forms http://j.mp/fYY39n /via @lukew

Iain Gavin (@iaingavin)
Save the day - aws uk developer day - 17th march. Central London. Looking into tech sessions on beanstalk, rds, etc event page up soon

Jason Fincanon (@FlashCanon)
RT @flashape pretty nice customizable load indicator in AS3: http://blog.sitedaniel.com/2010/08/creating-a-simple-load-indicator/

Joseph Labrecque (@JosephLabrecque)
[blog] Flash Developers: What Comfort Zone? : http://bit.ly/gJ1N7j #Flash

Juan Lopez-Valcarcel (@jlopezvalcarcel)
Trendspotting > [TechCrunch UK] Seedcamp reveals the 18 companies selected for London http://bit.ly/hp6xJt

John Dowdell (@jdowdell)
Top Mac App Store entry endures needlessly-foul support calls: http://is.gd/zHySqE "Once upon a time I looked forward to support emails...."