I know this is childish, but it's oh so satisfying. This morning I've updated the description of my only published iPhone app (which was built with an early version - check the release date - of the now banished CS5 feature), and to my surprise the copy actually showed up this afternoon. Does this count as an App Store hack?

Expect the app to disappear anytime now. Oh, and the price has gone up recently too. You must understand that I need to fund a lot of Objective-C training now... In order to protect you from accidental purchases I won't post the iTunes link here :-)

The reason I am doing this? Because I'm no longer interested in having my game up there. Sure, it was nothing ground breaking or particularly innovative (yet still better IMO than some of the 'native' junk that hits the App Store), nor has it made any money (the price was free for most of the time), but nevertheless I did enjoy using some of my favourite tools (namely Flash and ActionScript) to port it to a mobile platform. It was a good experience. Which apparently ends here. For the iPhone platform at least.