Excuse my French, but that's the most fitting way of describing Apple's latest move of deciding to 'ban' any cross-compiled applications from its App Store. If enforced this could mean an effective block of Adobe Flash CS5's flagship feature which is the ability to export native iPhone apps written in ActionScript.

I'm annoyed by this for many reasons. The primary one is that this directly sends a message to me personally as a developer who has already launched a Flash based iPhone app onto the App Store. That message reads: "We do not value your work. Whilst technically there's nothing wrong with your application and you have complied with all the rules we have given you already we've decided to move the goal posts now and deemed that your work adds no value to our platform."

Well guess what Apple, your platform does not add any value to me either. Not that I had any plans to develop more iPhone apps anyway anytime soon, but the fact that the effort I put in already is effectively discredited does cheese me off. Who does Apple think they are? Do they really believe that this is going to drive adoption of their own tools? I predict the opposite will be the case.

I don't think even Apple is that stupid. Instead this latest development is nothing more than a cheap shot at Adobe, but with a lot of collateral damage. They seem to forget that most developers are skilled in several languages, and many Flash devs also code in Objective-C. Will they reconsider their investment in Apple now? I certainly will.
Having already sold my Apple TV and replaced it with an Acer Revo, replaced my MacBook Pro with a netbook I'll most certainly not be renewing my Apple Developer agreement, nor agree to their updated terms. MobileMe can also go f**k itself. And my decision about upgrading to the next iPhone has just been made for me too: the HTC Desire is what I desire.

Granted, when it comes to desktop hardware I'll have to consider my options as I do like OSX and my iMac. But the bottom line is that I'll vote with my wallet and feel mighty good about it.

PS: I have updated the description of my game on the App Store - will let you know if/when they publish it. But I feel they may not :-)