I'm proud to announce the immediate release of our Flex Whiteboard Component for Red5. This component is based on the existing and very popular FMS Whiteboard Component which has been ported to Red5.
I will shortly be adding more details to the product page but since the clientside API is essentially identical to the existing FMS component there is little to say other than that we now have a separate Red5 version :)
Once again I am standing on the shoulders of giants and all credit goes to my friend Darren who has not only written the original FMS version but also ported it to Red5.

The component consists of a SWC for use with Flex plus full sources for the server side, in this case written in Java. The price is $499 which is the same price as for the FMS version. We do also offer a source code licence to selected clients. The component version is sufficient for most use cases though.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this component or its sources.