It's not often that I get to be mentioned - let alone featured - in a magazine. As they say though, when it rains it pours and this month I happen to be present on the cover of two magazines. While it may not be the Times it certainly got me and my family smiling.

First up was the UK based .net magazine which reported on the London Flash Camp Round Table discussion I participated in alongside Mike Jones, Bola Rotibi, James Whittaker, David Williamson and Andrew Shorten. The editors must have liked my comparison of Flash to a Swiss army knife as that's the line that made it onto the cover :)

It gets better. have this year nominated me as being part of their 'Streaming Media Dream Team' which is their pick for 'the most influential, innovative, and important people in the European online video space'. I'm blown away by this and I feel very humbled seeing my name listed next to people such as Mark Zaleski (CEO, Dailymotion), Jon Gisby (Channel 4) and Daniel Ek (CEO & Co-founder, Spotify) plus a whole host of other major players. All I can say is: thank you