I've had a few issues getting ColdFusion 9 to run under OSX when trying to leverage an existing MAMP install (note: I was not using MAMP Pro. If you are using MAMP Pro then Mike has got some advice for you).

I have not got enough time right now to run the whole install process again and take screenshots along the way but I'll do my best to summarise what I think may help some others who want to use MAMP and CF9 together. I took some hints from this excellent post by Paul Pounder, however my install differed in that I chose a single server installation. Saying that, I think I encountered similar permission issues as the ones that Paul describes.

So in short, I pretty much followed the steps which Paul describes but with the difference of choosing the single server setup. I used the appropriate config settings:

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1Config Directory: /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache
2Server Binary: /Applications/MAMP/bin/apache2/bin/httpd
3Server Control Script: /Applications/MAMP/bin/apache2/bin/apachectl

I noticed that during an attempted multi-server install I was unable to get past this step and the installer crashed time and time again. I could blame my hosed Snow Leopard install for this, but I can't be sure what exactly caused this. A single server install seemed to work fine.
However as soon as I tried to hit localhost/cfide/administrator/index.cfm I was prompted to download the index.cfm file instead of the server actually trying to process it. I also added index.cfm to MAMP's httpd.conf file, but no luck.

I remembered Paul's tip on permissions, and after a little digging I found the /Applications/ColdFusion9/runtime/lib/wsconfig.jar file (which sounded like the single server equivalent of the wsconfig.jar file Paul mentioned living in /Applications/JRun4/lib/ on his system).
I launched the jar file (you may prefer to do this via the 'web server connector utility' button from within the ColdFusionLauncher.app) and noticed that there were no configured web server listed here - strange I thought. Adding the same Apache details noted above did not work, so I knew it had to be a permissions issue. Since this is my local development machine and I'm less concerned about security I simply gave everyone full 777 permissions on /Applications/ColdFusion9/runtime/lib/wsconfig and contained items. I then re-run the wsconfig.jar and bingo, the settings now seemed to stick.

There was one last hickup when I tried to hit localhost/cfide/administrator/index.cfm again. For reasons unknown even to myself I simply omitted the /index.cfm and bingo yet again, the CF Admin wizard completed the install and CF9 was up and running. At this stage I probably should have reverted the permissions on wsconfig again... Maybe I'll do that later.

Another tip: make sure you restart CF when you hit an apparent problem, sometimes that can clear things up too. I also found the system logs in OSX quite helpful, there was a problem with Apache's httpd.conf at some stage which showed up in the logs and was easily solved (some sort of unclosed tag).

Something that I never managed to sort out with CF8 under Leopard was to stop and start CF via the ColdFusionLauncher app. But even that works now, so that's great. But just in case you need to start CF from the commandline, here's the command to do it:

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1/Applications/ColdFusion9/bin/coldfusion start
Other options are stop and restart - you may also want to try this with sudo if it doesn;t work - it's what I always had to do in CF8 and Leopard.

So there you go. And after all that the install will probably run just fine for you :-)