It's a bit embarrassing to admit that it has taken me this long to post this app. I first spoke about it at my talk at MAX 2008 in Milan but then Christmas came and went and I got swamped with work... Apologies, but better late than never.

So what have we got here? My PureMVC Skeleton App is a simple Flex project that uses the PureMVC framework to give you a bit of a head start with your next FMS project. I'm by no means suggesting that this is the best way to build an FMS app but what I can say is that it works well for me. Not only that but since I've picked up PureMVC I have been able to build much larger projects than ever before, and the framework allows me to come back to an app months later and pick it up in no time at all. Everything has its place and it's easy to find your way around, and projects generally end up well maintained.
One thing I should point out is that the app itself has no UI - there's nothing to see when you compile it (hence the skeleton bit in its name). You will however see traces if you compile a debug project, or install Firebug for Firefox so you can see the Thunderbolt AS3 traces I tend to use extensively.

In order to connect to your own FMS application you first need to create it on FMS (mine is called pmvcskeleton) and then go into the ResourceBundleProxy and on line 42 add your corresponding RTMP string. I'm not sure if this is a good idea but I often use ResourceBundles for configuration options such as the RTMP string, I find it quite handy since they usually do not change so I just compile that in.

It helps if you are a bit familiar with FMS based applications and the MVC design pattern. For everything else check out the PureMVC website, it has tons of info and a lively community. Or why not sign up to my FlashMedia List, there's always a bunch of knowledgeable people there ready to help.

On this note I will leave you to it, take a look at the app and feel free to post a comment if anything isn't clear.

Massive thanks to Simon who gave me some excellent tips when I got stuck with certain PureMVC nags.

Download the project .zip here.