Great news today amidst the Inauguration celebrations: Adobe is to publish the specifications for its (apparently patented) RTMP protocol. This protocol (the real-time messaging protocol) is designed for high-performance transmission of audio, video, and data between Adobe Flash Platform technologies, including Flash Media Server. Other server platforms such as Wowza and Red5 had in the also added support for RTMP and this announcement should make it somewhat easier for third parties to develop compatible technologies (if there are still any unanswered question about RTMP that is).

According to Adobe's Serge Jespers, the RTMP details will soon be published on The full press release is here.

"With the RTMP specification, developers and companies will be able to provide users with optimized audio, video and data streaming, no matter what kind of device the user is on or where the content is coming from," said Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch. "Our ongoing commitment to openness is accelerating adoption of the Flash Platform by developers and resulting in a new generation of Web applications, content and video experiences that run reliably across operating systems and devices."

Understandably Adobe will not release details of the secure variants of RTMP such as RTMPE since it forms the backbone of some of the content protection measures in Flash Media Server.