Not my words but those of the Wall Street Journal and Lost Remote, talking about the MSNBC Inauguration video player. They are right though, this player is pretty cool and the features can honestly be described as innovative: the Inauguration site allows users to highlight parts of the closed captioning transcript next to the video and then embed just the selected pieces on other sites, playing only the parts one has selected.

The technology used to deliver? No, not Silverlight but Flash (did you really think I'd blog this if it wasn't? :-)

It's a bit of a shame though that there' are a bunch teething problems with this player - runtime errors whizzing past when you access the player using a debug version of Flash, and the embed didn't work well for me either since it played the whole video and not the part I highlighted, and at times I got even served the mobile version of the site!? Could someone give the guys at MSNBC some ActionScript training please ;-) Ok, I am kidding, credit where credit is due and I am sure they will get it all fixed in time.