Nigel Pegg recently posted about how to use RTMFP in Cocomo. I really want to get more to grips with Cocomo so I spent the morning setting up the provided examples and generally reading up on the docs. Cocomo is a very exciting technology, but I think Adobe *must* add both screensharing as well as recording capabilities to the platform. Without both of those features it will seem like a watered down version of Connect, and not something that's on par.

Actually this reminds me - I've had two separate clients ask me about the relationship between Connect Pro, Acrobat Connect Now and Cocomo. While I know what Cocomo is and does I never thought about Connect Pro and Acrobat Connect Now. In fact I didn't even know they were two separate products or services... What both clients told me was that they really like the Connect Now UI (I think this is what previously code named Brio) but did not like the more expensive Connect Pro so much. However paying extra to lift the limit on Connect Now does not seem to be possible. Very weird, and a slightly fragmented setup. Adobe is missing a trick here since users are not getting what they want. Maybe connect Pro will be updated to have the Connect Now UI sometime soon? If not then Cocomo may be your best bet - roll your own look and feel - but of course we need those aforementioned features...

Sorry I got sidetracked there... the reason for this blog post is a different one. While I was playing with the Cocomo SDK I followed the instructions to set up Flex Builder (FB). I added the Flash Player 10 Cocomo SWC to my library path and also added the source code to the source path, according to the Cocomo docs:
Setting the source path for debugging
If you'd like to use Cocomo's supplied source code to help with debugging:
1. Choose the Source path tab.
2. Choose Add Folder...
3. Navigate to /src/.
4. Choose OK.

If after that you try and use the protocol property on the AdobeHSAuthenticator class however FB will complain about that property not being present on AdobeHSAuthenticator. I figured that FB was likely looking at the source rather than the SWC, so I removed the sources again from my project. Bingo, that worked and FB stopped complaining, my project compiled and I can now use RTMFP in my Cocomo rooms.
I figured I'd post this here to help others but also ask: is it possible to have both the sources and the SWC added to FB to aid with debugging, but have FB pick the 'right' code, in this case the SWC?