As you may know I am spending the main part of this week at Flash on the Beach in Brighton. If you don't know what Flash on the Beach is, it's the biggest Flash (and Flex, AIR etc) conference in the UK, if not Europe. It's also the best conference of the whole year in my calendar. I presented my session on monday right after the keynote so I am now free to enjoy the conference fully. While attending some of the sessions I gathered a few interesting bits of information, some of which may not have been public knowledge before.

First of all I remember hearing that AIR is coming to mobile devices, which is cool, especially considering that AIR is ActionScript 3 only (outside HTML and JS and so on) so this is definitely one to watch. Another interesting note was that ActionScript 3 support will come to server side FMS, and while it was not mentioned when exactly this may be it was stated by the Flash Player Team that it was 'being worked on'. Nice, and FINALLY! The Red5 team is also working on this feature, and I am sure they'll have it added way earlier too. Lastly, it sounds as if the ball will soon be firmly be in Apple's court as far as Flash on the iPhone is concerned. The Flash Player Team 'is working on Flash support for the iPhone, and are doing the best job they can'. In the end however, the iPhone is a closed platform and it is up to Apple to decide if they want to 'allow' it or not. A lack of Flash on the device is definitely not down to Adobe not trying hard, and there don't seem to be any technical problems hindering it either, but rather it sounds like a question of politics on Apple's part. This is how read it. Adobe will also concentrate on other devices of course, and the iPhone is only one piece of the puzzle. The bottom line to be seems to be: the Flash Player for iPhone will be available sooner rather than later, but it's still down to Apple to ok it.

Anyway, that's it from me for now - the pace of this conference is relentless, in a good way.