And I do not mean information on maps... No. Britain From Above is probably the best program on UK television at the moment - in my opinion anyway. When I first watched it I didn't quite know what to expect, I guess I thought it would be someone shooting video out of a plane for an hour. How wrong I was.

Each episode of this series focuses on a particular topic such as the UK transport network, abandoned industries or the transformation of London over the years. One really innovative piece which I found especially interesting was the visual mapping of information over a map of Britain or London. This involved visualising data such as landline telephone calls in all major UK cities, GPS data traces from taxis across London or the air traffic movements over the UK.

Unfortunately - once again - the videos on the Britain From Above website are GEOIP locked to UK viewers, but I would encourage you to find the footage elsewhere (but only if you are a license payer of course!).

Footnote: The BBC author of this website is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. (In all seriousness though, why does the BBC block non-UK viewers even for the small 2 minute clips on their site, yet then uploads that same material to YouTube? Yes, the BBC uploads it.)