Flex Whiteboard

Note: Wowza and Red5 versions now available!
The Flex Whiteboard Component is written for use with Flex applications in combination with a backend server - either FMS, Wowza or Red5.

We offer three separate version, one for Flash Media Server, one for Wowza Media Server and one for Red5. Please specify which version you require when you purchase.

The whiteboard component itself is used like any other Flex container. It basically extends a Flex Canvas and all the whiteboards UI elements can be put into it or around it, giving you control over the user interface (UI) such as the menu bars and toolbars for a fully customizable experience.

You can access a demo application here.


As well as UI customizability there are many public APIs which give full control over the whiteboard functionality, down to low level method calls to create shapes. The public APIs are split into several ‘controllers’ which host relevant methods, properties and events.

Read the AsDocs documentation here.

swcThe Flex whiteboard component ships as a .swc (Flex component).
To run this application you need Flash Media Server (FMS) or Flash Communication Server for the FMS version, Wowza Media Server for the Wowza version or Red5 Server for the Red5 version. Alternatively you can use a third party hosting service.

Looking for a Flash whiteboard component instead?

What do you get?

- Whiteboard component (SWC - no sources)
- Serverside files (.asc sources for FMS, .java sources for Wowza or Red5)
- Documentation (in .doc, .pdf., swf and AsDocs)

The Flex Whiteboard Component (.SWC) is competitively priced at USD $499.
OEM and source code licensing is also available, please contact me for details and include information about your use case.

How to purchase Simply send a payment of USD $499 via Paypal to stefan@therealtimeweb.com or use the form below.

Choose a version:

Please specify if you require the FMS, Wowza or Red5 version. Discounts are available for multiple purchases (for example Wowza and Red5 version).

Note that all transactions are processed manually and it can take up to 48 hours for you to receive the files. Usually it is a lot quicker than that and you are welcome to first drop me an email to clarify the delivery details.

(download as .DOC | download as .PDF | download as Flashpaper)

Got questions about this component? Then drop me a line.