This is huge. Darren Lee of has today released an Eclipse plugin which adds support for FMS's AS1-based server side code to Eclipse or Flex Builder 3. Finally FMS has its own code editor/IDE and what a great one it is.
The plugin contains more features that I care to mention, including code completion, AS2 import, an output console, code outline, error checking, you name it. I recommend you check out the screencast which makes it clear that this plugin will make our lives as FMS developers a whole lot easier. There's even an FMS project setup wizard!

I'm quite honestly speechless, this plugin is beyond anything I have seen to date for editing .ASC files, including the Flash IDE or Dreamweaver. And the best thing is that it integrates tightly with Flex Builder 3 and Eclipse so there'll be no need for flicking back and forth between IDEs. Awesome. And did I mention that this plugin is open source?
Darren, this time you have truly surpassed yourself. How come Adobe haven't hired you yet? Ok, I guess they did but 'only' for a one off gig - as Darren worked on the FMS2 admin console.
I know that Darren has put a lot of hard work into this plugin and it's astonishing what a single developer can achieve in his spare time! I wouldn't even know where to start.