The most popular post by far on my site is the one covering pseudo video streams via PHP. In a nutshell, this method allows you to provide a streaming-like experience to your users without having to deploy a streaming server. This offers the benefits of a low cost architecture using only a webserver which runs PHP or one of the ports that users have posted in the comments, including .NET, ColdFusion and others.

Lorenzo Benjamin of has taken the PHP approach to the next level and added a bunch of nice features to it. He's also providing a productized offering around it which add some real value to anyone who's looking for a turn key solution. He's also followed my example and open sourced his PHP code. Nice job Lorenzo. I've seen other 'companies' take the code I posted and use it for commerical purposes without as much as an attribution, let alone posting their modified sources.
It's therefore even better to see all the efforts that people are putting into this concept, posting their findings, sharing their code and writing about their experiences. It also shows a clear need for a low cost streaming video platform for Flash video.