I've just received this job posting which I'm sure will be of interest to some of you.

We are looking for a highly motivated/experienced back-end FMS/Actionscript developer. Deep experience designing modular, object-oriented ActionScript is the key requirement; experience with Flash remoting or Flash Communication/Media Server experience is very highly desirable. The focus is on the back-end of Flash, although front end experience is also useful.

We are building a new type of communication platform. So far, the company has been funded by one of the founders of YouTube; the head of computer science at Stanford; and other top Silicon Valley angels. The company is incubated by Sequoia Capital, the #1 VC firm in the world that backed Google, Yahoo, Apple, Cisco, Oracle, YouTube etc.

The current team is six people, of which four are amazingly good developers (CTO was first in his class from Cornell etc.) Users love the product; there is a lot of interest from distribution partners and investors. The position is based in at Sequoia's offices in Menlo Park and is local/full-time with a competitive salary and stock options.

Send a resume to Serge on sfaguet@stanford.edu