Here's a video chat app (uses FMS) that I ported to Apollo. It's a in essence a Flex application that uses none of Apollo's functionality but merely wraps the my Flex app that's online here into an .air installer. The Apollo client connects to the same server as the browser based app which is kinda cool.

Here's the Apollo runtime which you need to run my app (Win or Mac).

Here's the Apollo installer for my app.

What's cool to note is that I managed to port what's essentially a browser app onto the desktop in something like 30 mins. The code changes were almost non-existend.
You *will* get a warning with this installer that the app may access your file system (as any executable may do). However this app does not.
To uninstall you can run the installer again and then choose uninstall or remove it via the normal means (add/remove programs if you're on Win). Not tested on Mac but with a bit of luck it'll run there too I think ;-)