The people at Mobifriends have asked me to post the following job offer:

"We are developing a new internet and mobile social network service.

We have been working with one company to develop the VideoChat of Mobifriends.

They have done the first phase of the development, but now we have to do the second phase of the development, but they are busy with other issues and they have given to us the sourcecode. We contacted some developers, but they are busy until January, and the project is already delayed and we cannot wait until then.

The second phase should take around two weeks.

We are looking for a professional Flash media server developer with a very good knowledge of Flash, Flash Media Server and Action Script 2, with experience writing multi-user multiple-rooms Videochat applications.

Although now we need to finish the VideoChat, we would carry on improving the service. If we work well, we will have more works to be done in the near future.

If you are available to start now with our project, and you could prepare a close budget and schedule estimation for the second phase, please contact us at jobs DOT fms AT mobifriends DOT com and we will provide you more detailed information."