Here is a really interesting demo by Nigel Pegg covering the next version of Adobe Connect which features a totally overhauled UI built in Flex. Nigel is also showing the upcoming CoCoMo service which allows developers to leverage the Connect backend using a set of Flex component that will enable developers to built custom collaboration applications - in many ways similar to FMS applications.
I won't be starting a rant here and I've mentioned previously that CoCoMo is both exciting and scary at the same time. Combined with the features outlined for Pacifica it seems that pretty much everything that FMS provides right now in terms of capabilities (apart from the video delivery features) will also be provided by either CoCoMo or Pacifica. I have yet to make up my mind whether this a good thing or not.
I've just returned from MAX and I have some more info on Pacifica and CoCoMo shortly, alongside details of Adobe's upcoming DRM solution for Flash video. Stay tuned.