Oh I love conspiracies... and this sounds like one which firmly targets us, the customers.
InterLake, an advertising partner of mine, uses Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite and a VP6 Plugin license to encode video into Flash format (flv) using the watch folder functionality and manual encoding. As a Flash Streaming provider they encode quite a number of files for testing and live use on a PC in their office running Squeeze.

At the end of August they received the following error message:
"The monthly encoding limit of 1500 and daily encoding limit of 50 have been reached". This limit is not mentioned anywhere in the License Agreement, on the Sorenson website or the knowledge base. However InterLake believes (I think rightly so) that they purchased a license that does not have any encoding limits.
Of course they enquired with Sorenson but they did so far not answer their questions. What they did get was a question in return from a Sorenson Channel Sales Manager:
"Please explain your business model and let me know what you are doing. Why are you encoding this many files per day?"
Further enquiries to Sorenson to explain this license restriction and where they alert customers to this restriction were not answered.

Time for Sorenson to step forward I think. I'm no lawyer but if this limit isn't mentioned anywhere in the license agreement then I don't see any rights for imposing it. Heck, this would be a bit like Flash 8 Basic saying to you: "Sorry, but you've written 200 lines of Actionscript code today, if you want to write any more then please explain your business model to us or upgrade to Flash 8 Pro".

While I personally think that this limitation is ridiculous and probably unenforcable it should be in the public domain as it may affect your purchasing decisions. I invite Sorenson to comment on this issue and I am happy to publish their unedited reply.