An interactive, multi-user game in which all connected participants drag and drop refrigerator magnets on a virtual surface to spell words and phrases. A very engaging game which enjoys its popularity through its collaborative aspect.

This game runs inside a shared Pod using the Sync Swf SDK. It has won first price in the Icebreaker Category of Adobe's Sync Swf Contest.


A live version of the game (running in Breeze) can be seen here.

This game is available for purchase for USD $99 as a compiled swf under a single domain license which means you may upload and run this game on all Adobe Connect (formerly Breeze) servers under a specific domain, including subdomains. There is no limit to the number of user accounts under which this game can be used as long as they reside under one domain (such as

Also available: source code version $599 USD. Email me with any questions or to express your interest.