Being part of the Adobe Community Experts program carries some benefits (sorry for rubbing this in), one of them being the occasional freebie. Recently I received a free copy of Total Training's Premiere 2 DVD Course - Premiere (and video editing in general) is something I wanted to learn a bit better. Being a book kind of person I hadn't ever seen any of these training courses before and I got to say I was presently surprised. The package includes some 5 DVDs and approximately 17 hours of on-screen training.

There is a lot of detail to the exercises too. Take this for an example (if you already know a bit about Premiere 2): check out the preferences > general option in Premiere 2. There's a heck of a lot of stuff in here but the presenter walks you through each and every one of these options, making sure you understand them all. And this theme carries on right through the rest of the video lessons. I haven't been through the entire course yet but I'm sure it will take my Premiere skills to the next level.

I'm keen to check out the upcoming Flex2 course and I will make sure to post a review once it's out later this month.