Steve Wolkoff, the FMS2 Product Manager just announced this on chattyfig. I am just dumping it here so it's a little more public.

All - [...] The FMS team has spent the past 3 months working on a project called Dynamo.

The purpose of Dynamo is to introduce a more flexible licensing model which will allow individual developers to have more choice over how their FMS installs are licensed. Dynamo expands on the concept of license files that existed in FMS 2. The FMS 2 core server bits have default license parameters. When you download the bits from, the FMS server functions as a Developer Edition - 10 connections, unlimited bandwidth. When you install a valid Serial Key through the FMS Admin Panel, it unlocks the server to operate at the Base Config for that Edition. The Base Config for FMS Professional is 100 Connections/Unlimiited Bandwidth/3 Vhosts.

In Dynamo, we are making public a new set of "License Profiles". This concept has been discussed on this list, but as a quick overview, they essentially extend the abilities of the server Base Config.

Dynamo will have 3 license profiles to choose from:

1) 150 Connections/Unlimited bandwidth/unlimited vhosts
2) 1000 Connections/40 Mbps / unlimited vhosts
3) 2500 Connections/ 25 Mbps / unlimited vhosts

IMPORTANT POINTS - Dynamo is officially FMS Version 2.0.1 and is a FREE update to FMS 2 - These profiles are FREE - You can only use one profile at a time. However, you can change them at any time, simply by modifying one line in your server config files (I think it's in FMS.ini) - You can stack profiles of the same type; however you cannot cross-stack (i.e. get 2500 connections and unlimited bandwidth) - Profiles only work with valid FMS Serial Keys (i.e. you must purchase the FMS software from Adobe). - The purchase price of FMS has not changed - $4500 for the Professional Edition. Dynamo will hopefully let you get more of what you need for that price.

Dynamo went to private Beta today, and should be released in the (very) near future. For those who have downloaded the 90-day Interim licenses, Dynamo will be released publicly well before the license expires.

As Ed mentioned, Dynamo also contains a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. The FMS dev team has spent many late nights working to make FMS more stable, reliable, and an overall better product. I would like to thank them for being really, really good at what they do.

ALSO I have just started up an FMS blog:

Please feel free to drop by and leave comments - I'll post an open thread for licensing discussion. One note of caution - our Movable Type install requires comment approval, so the first comment you leave may take a few minutes (or more) to show up, as I manually approve. Once a comment is approved, you should be able to comment freely with that same user info.

As I mentioned at the start, I will address the Personal Edition issues/questions in a follow up thread.

Thanks for reading.


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