Vitalstream are now offering dedicated Flashcom hosting - not only Flash Video Services but 'real' Flashcom Application Servers. Maybe I am a bit slow to catch up on this but I didn't know that this service was available.
Two different managed servers are available on Windows 2000, you can find an overview here. The Professional License costs a whopping $4,698.95 just to get started as the Flashcom License appears to be owned by the customer and not Vitalstream.
I am wondering if other CDN's will follow this example, broadening their Flashcom Hosting Services to more than just Flash Video - shared hosting anyone?
One thing I noticed is the way they describe the bandwidth allowance for these machines: monthly bandwidth is either 1Mbps or 10Mbps. Obviously that does not make any sense (how can monthly bandwidth be measured in bits per second, shouldn't that be throughput?) and demonstrates that even the big boys are having trouble understanding Macromedia's Flashcom Licensing Model. Somehow the figures suggest that this may be an unmetered server but I doubt it.
Vitalstream's Dedicated Flashcom Servers