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For those of you that do not follow the discussions on my blog as well as on the chattyfig flashcomm list I am relaying the most important posts here. The bottom line is that Macromedia is aware of the upset they have caused and are working hard on a solution for it. That in itself is a huge step in the right direction.

What follows are 2 emails from Steve Wolkoff, Product Manager of Flash Media Server at Maromedia. He can be contacted at swolkoff AT macromedia DOT com

All - Here are our planned changes to the FMS 2 Licensing scheme:

1. We are going to issue an "Interim" FMS 2 License. This will be a FREE license file that you can install on your FMS 2 Professional Edition. This license will allow for: 2500 concurrent connections, 25Mbps max bandwidth, and unlimited Vhosts. 2. This license will expire after a short term - likely 90 days. After this license expires you, will have at least two choices: a. You can get a FREE, Perpetual License with the same terms: 2500 CC/ 25Mpbs / Unlimited Vhosts. You will only have to provide your valid FMS 2 Professional serial key to get this free license.

- OR -

b. You can get a FREE, Perpetual License that allows you to have 50 extra CC's on top the base FMS 2 Professional Edition (for a total of 150 CC's), and unlimited bandwidth. This license will be restricted on Vhosts - likely to remain at the current 3 per license. Again, you will just have to provide a valid FMS 2 Pro serial key to get this license. c. Note: there may be more choices at this time - I can only confirm the above. 3. This will most likely be done through a web based application. 4. The plan is to allow you to choose EITHER type of license at any given time - however, you can't use more than one type of license per serial key. 5. For example, you could run your server using 2500 CC/25Mbps/Unlimited Vhosts for 6 months, switch over to the 150/Unlimited/3 Vhosts for a year, and then back to the 2500CC/25 Mbps/Unlimited Vhosts. 6. You just could not run BOTH licenses at the same time. 7. You could stack licenses within the same type ("vertical stacking"). I.e. you could stack two "connection-heavy" licenses to get 5000CC/50Mbps/Unlimited, or two "bandwidth-heavy" licenses to get 300 CC/Unllimited/6Vhosts 8. However, you could not "cross-stack" licenses. 9. I know the Interim license is an inconvenience. We need to do this because the FMS licensing system is not built to handle the flexibility that you need. We need time to do development work on the core product, and the 90 window gives us time to do that. Please note that at the bare minimum, you will be able to swap that interim license for a perpetual license that is exactly identical.

We hope to have the Interim license available for distribution in the next few days. I will provide an update as soon as I know when they will be available. Please note that this is not all we are doing - however, this is all I can confirm right now. There were a number of very good suggestions presented on and off list, and we will do our best to satisfy everyone.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via email for phone (info below).

Thank you all for you feedback, patience, and understanding.


All - The 90 day interim license doesn't mean it's going to take 90 days for us to modify FMS to allow for more flexible licensing. I have to make a very quick decision on this, and I'm erring on the side of caution. I hope we have an update out in less than 90 days, but I don't want a ticking clock for the development team, nor do I want to over promise anything. The interim license will be out very, very soon.

The FMS product needs to be modified to allow for choice and management of licensing by the end user. The product does not currently allow us to offer you different types of licensing.

So, you have the base configuration: 100 CC/Unlim. B/W / 3Vhosts, or we can provide a custom license. We can not currently provide multiple choices of custom licenses in any manageable way. This is outside the scope of the original product spec, so we have to go through the process of design, spec, development, QA/regression testing, and release. This will take some time. I hope to be able to share our progress as we move through this process.