Here you can find a selection of hand-picked hosting and service providers offering web video, streaming and Flash Media Server related services.

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Streamio is a simple, smart and cost-effective cloud-based Online Video Streaming Platform for publishing, managing and monetizing video content online and on mobile devices.
With its intuitive interface, clever features and powerful API, Streamio puts novices and pros in complete control and takes all the headache out of online video publishing.
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Netromedia Netromedia
Netromedia provides a complete range of live and on-demand streaming solutions, serving a diverse client base - from traditional enterprise broadcasters to individual internet streamers. Our streaming services are optimized to perfect the key elements of the online streaming process: Acquisition, Distribution and Analysis. We have pioneered most of the streaming technology that operates our systems today and our capital investments in R&D are in a class by themselves.

Influxis Influxis
Influxis is a specialist service provider and official Adobe hosting partner for the Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server. FMS allows for video streaming, live interactive presentations, cam chat, and more. It takes minutes to get started by simply embedding a Flash application into any current website. No need for any special setup, configuration, or switching web hosts. Custom-configure a FMS hosting plan or choose any pre-configured hosting plan specially priced for various levels of use. Influxis provides end users with extremely reliable connections and increased latency speeds via an international network of FMS servers located throughout the U.S., U.K., and Germany. Every account includes an account management interface with a file manager, bandwidth reports, and access to our Flotools FMS component set and complete library of pre-built Flash applications (including FLA source files for customization and branding).

Sapphire Sapphire
Sapphire are broadcast specialists who provide digital delivery solutions for Radio, TV Simulcast, Web & IPTV, including "pay-per-view" services. Sapphires Live & VOD platform is built around Kaltura & Flash Media server & we have delivery agreements with the worlds largest FMS CDN for the delivery of live events. Sapphire can also offer production, host broadcaster & broadcast engineering services to compliment your digital delivery solution.

uvault Uvault is dedicated to provide hosting services for applications using Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX. Catering to a growing global community of Communication Server developers, scalable hosting plans are tailored to support from individual developers to large enterprises seeking to deploy a scalable array of dedicated servers. servers located in N. America and in Europe provide high quality internet connection via NTT/Verio global advanced tier-1 network.

imediasee Imediasee

Imediasee delivers stunning high resolution true Flash video streams at an exceptional price - without monthly fees, setup fees, overage charges or long-term commitment. Imediasee, a Wowza streaming partner, offers live and on-demand streaming services, volume hosting packages, multi-bit rate video encoding and custom application development. Our Dynamic Delivery™ feature adds automatic bandwidth detection and bit rate adjustment to the advantages of Wowza’s media server ensuring instant video loading, higher bit rates, with no buffering or delays, even for feature length movies.

Wowza Wowza Media Systems

The Wowza™ Media Server is an industrial strength cross-platform Flash® server that gives you the performance, flexibility and features you need to dramatically improve Flash streaming economics. It interactively streams video, audio and data to the ubiquitous Adobe® Flash Player for a wide range of applications, including video-on-demand, live video delivery, video recording and chat. The Wowza Media Server makes Flash streaming affordable for organizations of all sizes – from individuals and enterprises, to hosting companies and CDNs.  Multiple editions are available to meet your specific needs, including the unlimited connections edition and high-volume licensing.

netmasters Flashhosting offers FlashCom Hosting in various ways. It delivers shared as well as dedicated and managed FlashCom Hosting. One of the unique ideas behind is the idea of the way you can set up your own shared enviroment. Also you never pay too much because you only pay the datatraffic you really use. Flashhosting is the no. 1 in The Netherlands regarding Macromedia Hosting with FlashCom, ColdFusion and Jrun and one of the few in the world hosting FlashCom on Red Hat Enterpise and Windows 2003 Server. Experience it yourself by asking a FCS-account of 14 days for free!

im solutions InterMedia Solutions
InterMedia Solutions provides Streaming and Software Services for the creation and publishing of professional Video Streams, RichMedia presentations and interactive Webcasts.

Our software solution MultiSource-WebCast offers you an efficient tool for the production, control, recording and distribution of live webcasts. The software makes it possible to mix any external or internal media source such as the video of a speaker and a PowerPoint presentation. In addition, texts, images, logos, banners and much more can be merged at any point. ONE single synchronous media stream is output, which can be encoded in any format, such as Flash, Windows Media, or Real, saved and then published as a live stream on the internet.

Choose our MDN (Media Delivery Network) for a guaranteed high performance delivery of your live and on-demand video webcast, including player, encoder and free support.

velocix Velocix
Velocix offers the broadest and most innovative range of digital delivery services available today. Our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides an Internet fast lane for digital assets like video, music, software and games. With Velocix, high quality streamed video plays uninterrupted from start to finish and file downloads complete without failure in a fraction of the time. For more information, visit

streamuk StreamUK
European specialists in Flash hosting and system integration based on Flash technology, provisioned by the latest Macromedia technology. Stream UK ( was established in 2001 and heads the group that includes Stream Spain ( and Stream Italy ( The impressive client list has AOL, BBC, ITV, Virgin Media and Yahoo as active Flash-based projects. Underpinning the hosting capability is a powerful transcoding farm capable of converting most current digital formats into the latest Flash codecs.

limelight Limelight Networks
Limelight Networks, Inc. is a content delivery partner enabling the next wave of Internet business and entertainment. More than 1300 Internet, entertainment, software, and technology brands trust our robust, scalable platform to monetize their digital assets by delivering a brilliant online experience to their global audience. Our architecture bypasses the busy public Internet using a dedicated optical network that interconnects thousands of servers and delivers massive files at the speed of light -- directly to the access networks that consumers use every day. Our proven network and passion for service assures our customers that every object in their library will be instantly delivered to every user, every time. For more information, visit

streamedia Streamedia
Streamedia is a Flash Media Server network and Adobe experts. Our streaming service let you stream any content for live or on-demand events! Our platform and data centers are monitored 24/24 & 7/7 by European Telecom Network (Colt Telecom, France Telecom, etc.). Streamedia is a collaboration projet of Adobe and Adobe official community.



Akamai® is the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online. More than 1,300 organizations have formed trusted relationships with Akamai, improving their revenue and reducing costs by maximizing the performance of their online businesses. Leveraging the Akamai EdgePlatform, these organizations gain business advantage today, and have the foundation for the emerging Web solutions of tomorrow. Akamai is "The Trusted Choice for Online Business."

mirror image Mirror Image
Mirror Image® Internet, Inc. combines a patented global network with results-driven content delivery solutions to help customers deploy, monitor and refine online strategies. The Mirror Image network reliably streams content to users around the world, regardless of location or traffic bursts. With comprehensive capabilities and an easy-to-use Web-based management tool, the Mirror Image solution enables companies to easily publish, manage, deliver and analyze their streaming media activity. The Mirror Image streaming media network supports Windows Media,® RealMedia, QuickTime® and Flash streaming formats, and leverages the power and flexibility provided through Mirror Image's Managed Content Targeting service.

groovy gecko Groovy Gecko
Groovy Gecko are specialists in streaming media. They don't provide thier services as an add-on to other broadcast media or have their fingers in various other new media pies. Instead Groovy Gecko concentrate on what they do best, and they try and do it better than anyone else. With some five years experience in the UK streaming market they now have over 100 clients across many industry sectors - from blue chip companies to public sector organizations; advertising agencies to charities.

moremx MoreMX and it's sister company InterLake have a focus on ColdFusion and other Macromedia Servers since 1996 and established the Macromedia Server User Group Central Europe in 1998. Macromedia Flash Communication Server is the main focus of which offers a wide range of dedicated and shared Macromedia Flash Communication Server and ColdFusion hosting packages and is also offering Macromedia Breeze solutions for server based presentations, training and education.

Metasphere offers Flashcom Hosting for developers and businesses large and small. They utilize dedicated FCS servers on an OC3 network to ensure that the server network is never slowing the applications down. Their service is backed by an anti-corporate support team and an extensive database of tutorials and downloadable applications to get you jump-started on your projects. They do not require your domain to be hosted with them, nor a lengthy contract, so you can try their services safely and economically.

ideaweb IdeaWeb.IT
IdeaWeb.IT is the first 'Alliance and Training Partner Macromedia' in Italy and they offer scalable high quality Hosting Services with Macromedia technology like ColdFusion MX and Flash Communication Server MX. They have 'shared' and 'dedicated' hosting plans and with a team of 'Macromedia Certified' staff are able to offer complete support for developing, managing and monitoring 'Rich Internet Applications' developed on ColdFusionMX, FlashComMX and FlashRemoting MX with complete support for CFC, WebServices and XML.

flashcomhosting Flashcomhosting
The company hosts sites like the Getaway Island on dedicated servers, plus they offer many options for shared flashcom hosting.. Flashcomhosting have been hosting flashcom since the beginning and they were the first in Canada to launch a dedicated hosting service for flashcom.

firstserv Firstserv
Based in the UK and hosting Macromedia Server solutions since 1999, Firstserv is a Macromedia Alliance Partner offering a wide range of shared and dedicated Flash Communication Server MX hosting packages.
With a full complementary range of ColdFusion MX and JRun hosting packages, all supported by our in-house team of Macromedia Certified Professionals, Firstserv is perfectly placed to host your Flash Communication Server MX applications.

nexica Nexica
Nexica is expert in managed services, managing Information Technology and Telecommunications Infrastructures as in house as in its own Data Center in Spain. Nexica develops flexible and technological solutions with a business vision, its aim is increase efficiency and productivity of its corporate customers. Nexica has more than 11 years of experience and also has ISO 9001:2000 certification since 2003. It has more than 1.200 corporate customers and owns the most modern European Internet Data Centre with 24x7 Technical Support. Nexica TI platform is service oriented (SOI). Its mission is understand customer business and offer a service performance according to their need, transfer its tested tools and methodology in high competitive environments to companies and offer flexible, secure and profitable services.

CDNetworks CDNetworks
CDNetworks, a leading global, full-service content delivery network (CDN), provides technology, network infrastructure, and customer services that accelerate the delivery of Internet content and applications to end users around the world. CDNetworks provides a comprehensive suite of technology for video streaming, large-volume-file downloads and image caching, which deliver unparalleled quality of performance, service, and reliability. World-leading media and entertainment, technology, retail, and online gaming companies rely on CDNetworks to optimize their end users' online experiences. CDNetworks, founded in 2000 in Seoul, Korea, has subsidiaries in the US, China and Japan and is publicly traded on Korea's KOSDAQ exchange (KOSDAQ: 073710).

streamsolutions Streaming Wizard
Established in 2002 Streaming Wizard provides carrier-grade streaming services to a wide range of UK and Global clients.We can supply the full range of audio and video streaming services including, but not limited to, Flash Media Server, Flash Media Interactive Server and Wowza Media server We provide you with the delivery network for both on-demand and live streaming applications and can help you in all aspects of your content delivery. Streaming Wizard is also able to facilitate your live streaming requirements with the provision of both experts and equipment, from a simple encoder with a single camera/man through to a multi-camera, broadcast quality shoot. We are more than happy to provide testimonials to our service from many past and current clients.

PlanetStream PlanetStream
PlanetStream is the UK's first Content Delivery Network (CDN) to offer a complete streaming experience, whilst still maintaining the highest commitment to service and competitive pricing. The PlanetStream CDN is the ideal content delivery solution for all online industries distributing rich digital media globally over the Internet . PlanetStream supports On Demand, Live Event Streaming and Progressive Downloads flawlessly, anywhere on the planet.
The PlanetStream delivery platform ensures that the highest quality of Flash media is supported for rapid access around the planet covering video, audio, content and software making PlanetStream the one-stop shop for all your CDN needs."

streamsolutions streamsolutions
StreamSolutions are the market leader in consumer level stream services delivering both quality and service at an affordable price. A relative newcomer to the Flash Streaming market they use all their market knowledge to offer quality services at very competitive prices. The services range from simple streaming services (bitrate, bandwidth or usage based) and content delivery, all the way up to geographical locking and authentication based streaming. There is no setup fee and contracts are monthly. If you want something simple, yet affordable StreamSolutions is
the company to use.